Finding the Best Online Shop to Order Personalized Photo Blankets

Kelley Melba
Aug 21 · 3 min read

One of the most popular and trendy gifts that a person may give to his or her loved one, friends and family are the photo blankets. The term photo blanket is basically referring to a piece of fabric that is large in size and rectangular in shape that can be used by a person as their blanket or a decorative object, for this certain fabric may be displaying designs, pictures and images. In the past, the photo blankets are being used to reveal some historical events or to tell a story, because they are made from thick cloth that may depict or illustrate symbols, objects and people; but nowadays, they are being used as gifts. To elaborate more about the uses of the photo blankets is that this pieces of fabric can be found and can be used throughout a person’s home as a décor that displays images and pictures, it can also provide warmth to a person since it can be used as their blanket, and lastly, is it can be received and given by a person to another person as a gift. As a home décor, the photo blankets can be used as the coverings of their furniture; while a photo blanket that is being used as a gift for weddings, anniversary, baby showers, birthdays and Christmas gifts may display dates, quotes, and pictures that are memorable to the receiver. There are basically three different types of photo blankets, and those are the dyed photo blankets, the woven photo blankets, and the knitted photo blankets. The process of making the dyed photo blankets is by printing dye onto the piece of fabric from a digital image and this process is basically called as dye sublimation, and this specific type is actually the newest type of photo blanket. The woven photo blankets, on the other hand, is made or created on a jacquard loom or machine with the use of a digital software that can create patterns and scan pictures using various colored yarns, and this process is similar to weaving. The knitted photo blankets are actually made with the use of a machine that can scan and provide patterns by performing the process called as knitting. Visit this website to gather more details.

There are definitely a lot of manufacturers of photo blankets all over the world, and that is because of their popularity to the people. One of the best company that offers services like personalized or customized photo blankets is the Memories Place. One of their services is collage photo blanket because they believe that it is an ideal way of keeping a bunch of memories all at once, and the clients also have the ability to create them in rows, columns, and in order all over the material. The people who wants to place an order of personalized photo blanket to the Memories Place may check out the company’s website.

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