Tennis: Its More Than A Lifestyle

Ana Ivanoic

Imagine being in a foreign country where no one knows who you are and you don’t speak the same language. Now Imagine doing this for months on end trying to pursue a lifelong dream that you have spent countless number of hours on. This is the life a professional tennis player.

The Struggles

Unlike other professional sports, tennis is not all glamour. You’re not on a team that travels with you and pays for all of your food and expenses. It is all on the player to make ends meet. Of course you see the top professional tennis players and the pack of people that they travel with, and think that they have it made. Trying to find the money to sustain a life style while playing can also be a tricky feat. You try and find cheap hotels and cheap flights to get you from one tournament to another. All the while knowing if you do not perform well the check that you need is not going to come. According to an article in First Post about young tennis stars of India it states, “Off the court too, tennis is just as isolated as it is on the either side of the net. From a young age, players learn to manage a lot more than just their game. While the travel is exciting yet being on your own coupled with the high cost has led to many a tennis players’ burnout” (Kakkar). Well that is only for the top tennis players in the world, the better your ranking the better lifestyle you will have while traveling. According to professional tennis player Ana Ivanovic, “It’s lots of traveling. We are constantly on planes. Obviously sometimes it can get hard because we live basically from suitcases, and it’s constant moving and changing. But I enjoy it” (Flint).

The Perks

It truly is a different lifestyle that you will have to embrace as a tennis player. Traveling 25–30 weeks out of the year is never an easy task especially when you have to do it alone. It’s not all bad though. Traveling to all different parts of the world to play tennis tournaments allows you to see what it is like in other cultures besides your own. You get to see beautiful places that if you did not play tennis you would never get the chance to see. You get to meet and become friends with other players, as you will see some of the same faces over and over again at the tournaments. And overall you get to compete and do what you love. For most professional tennis players, they have been playing this sport since they were seven years old. It is what they know and who they have become.

The Love For The Game

Tennis is unlike any other sport in the world. You are alone when you are competing it is all on you. That’s the rush of the sport though, you get to control your destiny and you do not have to worry about your teammates performance. Tennis players are addicted to the competition and the feeling of winning. There is nothing else like it, so the sacrifice of the travel and lifestyle is well worth it in the end.