Change your habits. Change your life.

It’s always interesting adding something to your daily/weekly/life routine, or changing it in some way, or just trying to create a new habit in general. A lot of people can relate to this from trying to get in the habit of working out regularly. Thankfully, I created this habit early on and have stuck with it since I’ve experienced first hand how much better I feel when I’m regularly active — mentally and physically. It did take effort on my part though to want to do it. I didn’t want to at all at first. But I did want the result. News flash to me — the only way to get the result you want is to put in the effort.

Blogging has been little harder for me to keep on. I have heard people say how great it is, and I’ve read a number of blogs by people I admire. But for some reason, I have had a hard time in the past getting in the habit of writing content regularly. I’ve learned personally, to really get in the habit of something, I have to find some way to enjoy some aspect of it, if not all of it. So here I sit, on my back patio enjoying the warm temperature and soft breeze. My dog is running around chasing a new toy, happier than ever I’m home with her.

This is Locks. Always making me happy.

And I have a nice cup of cappuccino next to me. For these few blog posts, here is where I’ve sat. And I love this environment. It makes me happy. ☺Therefore, I have already come to look forward to these little moments enjoying this space and writing. But there is still that thing — writing.

Who cares what I write? Not a whole lot of people. But the greatest advice from John Saddington yesterday was who cares if anyone cares? Blog for yourself. He said don’t worry about the content. Just write. Just write?? For the past 10years of my life I’ve been worrying about content! Journalism/PR in college and after that, a career in marketing. So much content. All. The. Time. And now I’m not supposed to worry about it... A fellow classmate at The Iron Yard (Meade) had similar thoughts this morning. At least we’re trying to get over that hurdle at the same time. Misery always enjoys company, right? Well, I decided I’ll go for the more shots at the goal strategy. The more I write, the better I’ll get and eventually, maybe, I’ll get one in.

My classmates and myself, and anyone out there teaching themselves code or learning another way, have already challenged ourselves to learn a brand new trade. To change our lives from the daily work grind, to the daily school grind. Which, in my case, is much more exhausting mentally. This challenge is extra. Hard mode. Blog regularly. Every day if possible. And stop worrying about the content because no one is reading it anyway. ☺ Now back to learning JavaScript. Things are getting exciting — functions and methods!

❤ Kelley

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