One more Thank You to The Iron Yard before their doors close

Photo by JJ Thompson on Unsplash

A couple weeks ago marked my 2 year anniversary of finishing the Front End Engineering immersive course at The Iron Yard. Shortly after, The Iron Yard announced it will be closing its doors soon.

It was such shocking news, and it made me so sad. There are a few turning points in our lives that truly stick out from all experiences as points that shape our journey. Learning from Tim Whitacre and JD Isaacks at The Iron Yard was without a doubt one of those points for me. It has opened this entire world for me that I didn’t even know was possible at that point in my career (6 years after graduating college with a Journalism & Mass Comm degree).

They taught me Front End development, but more so, they taught me how to learn.

They made me understand that I could learn whatever I want. And since that time, I have grown tremendously as a developer. I have The Iron Yard to thank. I will always have them to thank. Of course since then, I’ve learned from a number of extremely talented people, and have done my own hard work, but having them there to start was the beginning of it all. It saddens me that others will not be able to experience this same turning point as me from that team.

But it does not mean that turning point isn’t still an option. From what I’ve read, The Iron Yard is closing its doors because they had an unviable business model. There are other coding bootcamps out there that are still doing well, with different models I suppose. I hope that those schools continue to thrive and teach, because this world needs more developers. And specifically, we need more women in tech. I feel the environment at a bootcamp is so open to diversity. Being a woman learning among other women and men was not weird. I wasn’t singled out at any point in time (good or bad) for being a woman. If I was applauded at all, it’s because I did something great as a student developer, not great for a girl. It’s that kind of open environment we need everywhere.

I cannot thank The Iron Yard enough for arming me with such an amazing toolset for learning and growing as a developer. I am so sad to see them leave the marketplace, but I hope other bootcamps continue the hard work; continue pushing people past their limits; continue teaching this day and age’s languages; continue showing people the door to their possibilities.

One last time, thank you to The Iron Yard and all the amazing people who worked their asses off to help me, and people like me.

❤ Kelley