So are you enjoying the coding thing?

Every time my fiance and I have dinner with anyone these days that knew about my venture into a new career I get this question. And every time I respond with “I absolutely love it.” And I wish there was more I could say to explain to them how much I love what I do these days. I try by telling them that every Sunday that familiar anxiety creeps up about having to get up and work the next day, but then I realize — I get to build apps all day the next day! And the next. And the day after that. And I immediately calm down, and even get excited if it’s a project I’m particularly interested in.

Do I sit at a computer all day long? Yes. But I don’t sit at a computer more now than I did in my previous work.

Do I code all day long? Pretty much. We have daily stand up meetings, and we’ll have additional meetings here and there to review a new product, product changes, etc. We have SCRUM retrospectives and post mortems. But for the most part, I spend my time writing code, fixing code, organizing code and learning more about code.

So, if you’re curious if this is the right career for you — know those things. You will code all day every day. You will sit at your computer most of the time (I recommend a sit / stand desk for your health). And you will be building stuff every day.

This is not for everyone though — this is the conversation that usually comes from this question at our dinners. Most people know someone that is unhappy with their current career, and they start wondering if this would be a good option for their friend. Maybe!! I HIGHLY recommend everyone that is unhappy with their current gig, to just check it out. But that is my best advice — check it out before spending all the $ with the belief that it is the instructor’s job to make you successful. This stuff isn’t for everyone. You have to be a problem solver. You have to think analytically. You have to be able to pay very close attention to the minute detail and also step back and view the big picture.

The big picture being the app as a whole, but also the big picture as far as the file setup for your project goes. If I write something one way, is it reusable? Will someone that has never seen my code understand it and be able to navigate the files easily?

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to change careers, not because I hated what I was doing, but because I LOVE what I’m doing now. I’m so thankful to the people who taught me, and for the people I now work with who are continuing to help me learn. For you all still considering a switch to development, I 100% believe you should check it out, but please read about it, and do some of the online classes before you jump into it. Because it is not for everyone. But if it is for you, I’m so excited for you because it is such an amazing change to make.

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