Digital Signatures are a Commodity

Commodity defined: Something of use, advantage or value. Obsolete. A quantity of goods.

With so many electronic signature providers out there it seems that the market for eSignatures has become flooded. Let’s count them out: Docusign, Dotloop, HelloSign, Echosign, RightSignature, Sertifi, CoSign, AssureSign, eSignly, etceterra, etceterra, etceterra. There are so many more to name but I wanted to get on with this post!

With so much quantity in the eSignature world the cost should have come down so much more than it has. There are many platforms that offer just the electronic signature and nothing else. In fact, with the release of Yosemite, Apple has now gotten into the eSig game. You can sign a PDF document right from the Preview mode, for FREE!

If anyone in this space is truly commoditizing eSignatures it is definitely Apple. If I can sign a document for free on my Mac, why would I pay $185-$360/year for just electronic signatures?

A recent study done by AIIM-Association for Information and Image Management concluded that 68% of their respondents believe that papercentric processes to be unacceptable. They also felt that going completely paperless would increase productivity between 29.7–35.4%.

In the article they are talking about systems that allow you to be completely paperless in your business, not just offering an eSignature. To be completely paper free you need a system, a process. Being paperless is more than just being able to electronically sign a document.

Electronic Signatures without document storage and management, customer/client portal, forms, real estate calendar and some kind of feedback manager aren’t worth what most are paying. There are so many platforms to choose from and some are already offering it for free, with no limits on the number of signatures you send out.

If you are willing to pay $360/year just for signatures, would you be willing to pay the same amount for all of the above?

**Full Disclosure…I work for a software company that focuses on providing cutting edge technology to increase productivity and efficiency by being completely paperless. And yes, we do offer eSignatures, but also so much more.

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Realtor®, Founder of rewrittn, Husband, Father, Green Bay Packers SuperFan, Golf Hack, #SkiBum, Gym rat, Lover of Life

Realtor®, Founder of rewrittn, Husband, Father, Green Bay Packers SuperFan, Golf Hack, #SkiBum, Gym rat, Lover of Life