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My goal was to design a mobile product experience that appeals to millennials and allows them to browse roommates and apartments in New York with a sense of security. This challenge is particularly aimed at specifying the interface design and feature ideation process.



More millennials are seeking opportunity in or near cities. More than half of the world’s populations now live in cities and towns. …

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What started out as a casual conversation with my friends turned into a serious exploration. This was partially because I love SoundCloud, and partially because I needed to challenge myself in order to move forward in my career.

I started using SoundCloud obsessively back in 2013, and have since started using other streaming applications as well. SoundCloud is amazing. Whenever I go through its community, I can look forward to discovering so much new talent.

So I set out to redesign SoundCloud’s iOS app from the ground up, the way me and my friends would like it to be.

Part I — Starting from scratch

Iteration I

For the past six months, I couldn’t fight a feeling that SoundCloud had changed ever since they released their mobile platform. And not in a good way. When I would ask my friends how they felt about it, they’d get all worked up. We’d debate over what we still loved about it and what was going wrong; I’d get into deep conversations with my Lyft drivers; I’d discretely slip questions about SoundCloud into random discussions. …


Kelley Nguyen

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