Hey Kelley, great job with this modern redesign from the high level changes down to the…
Jeremy King

Wow! Jeremy, thank you so much for your incredible feedback and your appreciation. It is exciting to hear from one who delves deeply into the details of the app and reflects upon the experience. I’m very curious to hear more! I took some time to consider your questions:

  1. The perspective I took was through the lens of a personal user; the profile and cover photo are reflections of personality. I thought, wow, SoundCloud’s community is colorful because of avid users who customize their profiles. Would it be more indicative of their music interests if we showed these visuals? Or, would it be more direct to go straight to the entirety of their reposts/tracks?
  2. D’you mean the module “Popular in Your Feed” where there’s a number showing how many people who follow you reposted/liked the track? I agree that the individual track matters more than artist’s reputation. The purpose of showing follower count was to compile duplicate reposts in the feed. Perhaps to revise, “Popular in Your Feed” accounts for duplicates, and “Your Feed” shows like count.
  3. The icons on the right hand side must be attracting more attention to them then intended. I would make it more transparent to show that it’s secondary information, following the artist and title. I based the positioning of it on eye-tracking studies as our eyes flow from top left to bottom right!
  4. It was based off of my knowledge of music scenes. I’ve read plenty of articles about rising talents from cities around the world and I used to write for Earmilk! Living in Los Angeles and my passion for electronic music has made me more attuned to local movements. The visual of top cities here also influenced my decision.
  5. Agreed. Let’s change the orange to a dark grey or eliminate the orange altogether.

Let’s chat more! I’ll shoot you a message 😄