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Reply re: Jake Porter

“Um, wut? There’s already laws in the books that protect women from domestic violence…Very telling that the author provides no examples to substantiate her claim”

Republicans fought reissuing the Violence Against Women Act. And lack of reproductive freedom means a woman is more likely to become a victim of violence.

“…yeah the gender pay gap is a myth. Men tend to choose higher paying and more dangerous jobs, work longer hours than women, and are far less likely to leave a career to raise a family.”

The wage gap is real even if it doesn’t exist in every circumstance. As you state the wage gap exists in part because of family choices but that in itself is a problem. Lack of paid parental leave and flexible work options hurts men and women, but often hurt women more.

The wage gap cannot be fully explained by men going into more lucrative fields. And even if it was that still wouldn’t mean we don’t have a problem. It is a problem that girls historically have not been encouraged to enter into STEM fields.

“…support opening the free market on healthcare and encouraging competition among insurance providers…”

That would be great…if it worked. I’m not familiar with any country that has successfully had a free market system for health care. Health care decisions are not like others. They are highly emotional, confusing, and inherently uncertain. It’s not like buying most other products. And when people make bad decisions in that marketplace, we all end up paying. For example, when the woman in pain forgoes PT because it is too expensive and instead self-medicates and becomes less productive in her job.

Additionally, with the way the current system works, insurers make deals with providers on what they will pay. It is very difficult to understand the cost as a patient. Recently, I waited an hour in the doctor’s office to find out the cost of something. Until this changes, there can be no free market.

“…I AM against using the government for entitlements…Americans are by far the most generous people in the world…who are willing to step up to assist the poor and needy. The American poor weren’t dying on the streets en mass before food stamps existed.”

Entitlements are to the poor as tax breaks are to the wealthy. The government helps us all out sometimes, and for the wealthiest among us, all the time.

I know many folks who are generous with their time and money. But no amount of charity work will provide health care or a living wage.

There’s plenty of people living in poverty that suffer now. People die because they are living on the streets at night. People lose limbs because they can’t get diabetes care. It’s happening now and it has happened before. Government sponsored programs came about because it was happening during the Great Depression.

“You do realize PP isn’t the ONLY option she has as you infer, right? A 5-minute google search for my local area shows at least a dozen health clinics and pregnancy crisis centers that take in teens that have an unexpected pregnancy. One of the non-profits I personally donate to on a regular basis specializes in giving teens the necessary resources for such a situation and will assist her in either giving up her baby for adoption or raising her child. Meanwhile, Live Action did an experiment where they called 97 Planned Parenthoods to see if they do pre-natal care. 92 of them turned the caller away.”

Have you been a nervous teenage girl needing sexual health care? If not, you may not understand that many Planned Parenthoods offer a much more supportive, much less judgmental environment then a typical physician’s office. Planned Parenthoods also are accessible to folks who don’t want to use their parent’s insurance for a sexual health related visits.

And most crisis pregnancy centers are horrible. Not because of the services they provide, but because of how they portray themselves. I’ve done research on many of them personally and they trick women into thinking they provide support and information for all choices.

“Again, I reference the Live Action exposé. 97 PP centers contacted, 92 replied back saying they don’t do prenatal care.”

Planned Parenthood provides a variety of reproductive health services. They do not broadly provide prenatal care. I don’t know of pregnancy crisis centers that provide prenatal care either because they are rarely, if ever, medical facilities. Planned Parenthood does the same as these facilities: they provide referrals:

“The adoption system in the US is long, annoyingly bureaucratic, and very expensive for the adopting couple. If we can work together to help streamline the process…”

That would be great. I don’t know much about the foster system or adoption process but I can speak to this.

This option, which is a valid one for many women, still requires the woman to carry to term. In doing so, she faces health problems, lost wages, emotional challenges…the list goes on — for a pregnancy she does not want. She should not be forced to do this.

Additionally, while many folks may have it in their heart to adopt special needs children, many folks don’t have the means to do so. This would leave the most vulnerable children in the foster system.

“… but it’s gonna take some more personal responsibility on society’s part…”

Most people do take personal responsible, but our society often doesn’t give them a chance, as this article explains.