We will have Clinton for 8 years, guaranteed.
Yvonne C. Claes

I know this is an older story, but I came to read it after finding you via your newest story re: HRC’s health issues.

I honestly don’t think Clinton will make it the next for years due to her health. Sadly, due to the two candidate that actually have chance of winning the election, both vice presidential candidates suck and are more conservative than Clinton. Trump’s VP, Pence, will likely be the one actually governing if Trump wins the election, simply because “The Donald” has no idea how to govern, nor, in fact, do I believe he has any inclination to do so.

I, personally, believe Trump was a Clinton plant, designed to throw the election to her…and in a normal election year this may have worked, but in this year of populism vs. establishment business as usual, he has found popularity soaring, regardless of how much idiocy, insanity and hatefulness he spews forth. I believe he gets crazier in attempt to tank his own prospects, it only serves, however, to make him more popular. At some point he began enjoying the contest and the popularity it brought him, and his game plan may have changed, but at the end of the day none of that matters — he still has no inclination to actually govern and do the *work* of being President, that job belongs to Pence…although Donald will take all the credit and adulation for whatever idiocy is done in his name.

Kaine, on the other hand, should Hillary win, will likely end up governing because Clinton will either be in such bad shape she’ll be a face to put forward at the State of the Union (if she’s capable of standing up that long and assuming she actually lives as her health declines even further) or she’ll die and Kaine will actually end up being the one doing the work AND getting credit for it. The reality is, no matter how much her health declines between now and the election — it is unlikely she will step down as nominee because her ultimate goal is to get into the history books as the first female POTUS (I believe that is the main reason for her run, the monetary gains are a bonus, the power even moreso, but at the end of the day her goal is the history books because she is a power mad narcissist.) If she did happen to step down, or die, by all rights, because he did not cede his delegates, Bernie should end up the actual nominee in her place, but that will never be allowed. They have done everything they can (the elusive “they” — the elites, the establishment, the monied interests, the shadow government, the DNC) to insure Bernie is NOT the nominee, up to and including fixing the primary election by various and sundry illegalities, no matter that he was, by all inclinations, polls, etc, the one more likely to be able to beat all Republican comers, that he was clearly the more popular candidate, etc….at the end of the day he wanted to insure the elites no longer controlled the government, the legislation; he wanted to insure that the voices heard in the halls of power belonged to we, the people, instead of to only those who could afford to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for that reason alone he will never be allowed near that level of power…the very people he wanted to de-fang are the very ones who are able to insure that never happens.

So, no, I highly doubt we will have eight years of Clinton, unless she really does have a double that is THAT good (no matter that she appears to be 50+ pounds lighter, at least 10 years younger and a much better dentist)…and they are willing to allow an imposter to be the ‘face of the Presidency” while HRC moulders in some shallow grave somewhere.

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