A Comprehensive Guide to Buy a Fireplace Screen

A fireplace, besides keeping the interior of your room warm, is also a focal point in your living room around which the entire interior decor can be set up. A fireplace with its complementing custom fireplace screen enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living area and adds more character to your home. Fireplace screens are not only meant for decoration purposes but also prevents accidents. It is, therefore, important for people to choose the right fireplace screen for their home interiors. The blog post discusses some points to consider when buying a fireplace screen.


There are various types of screen designs and some of them are as follows:


Traditional fireplace screens have simple and clean designs, which makes them perfect to suit the contemporary interiors of a room. Usually made from brass or copper, traditional fireplace screen lends classic yet understated appeal to the home interiors. They are manufactured in both single and multiple panels in various sizes, styles, and finishes.


Among all fireplace designs, the antique style is evergreen. Usually made of iron, antique fireplace screens are perfect to complement the Victorian theme of a room. The design of these fireplace screens features elegant lines in the form of flowers, filigrees, scrolls, and swirls. Usually painted in gold and other metallic hues, the antique fireplace screens lend an elegant and royal look to your interiors.


Modern fireplace screens have subtle yet stylish designs. These fireplace screens balance and blend with the interiors of the room to draw attention. Pair the modern fireplace screens with complementing log rack and fireplace tools to make the fireplace look more appealing.


Outdoor fireplace screens can easily blend in any outdoor interiors. This type of fireplace screen usually features rustic or artistic designs, which displays the outdoor scenes from varied outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, and hiking. They are appropriate for all types of interior setups and lend a natural outdoor charm and warm element to any exterior setup.


When it comes to choosing the color of your fireplace screen, ensure that it complements the primary color of your room. Fireplace screens in black, white, aluminum, pewter, stainless steel, and brass finishes are ideal for decorating rooms with colors such as green, blue, and violet colors. The fireplace screens in gold, black, rust, bronze, and copper finishes are best to complement rooms with warm primary colors such as orange, red, and yellow.


Fireplace screens are available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. You can decorate your fireplace with a single panel or numerous panels to make a curved shape around it.

Tips to Get the Size Right

To make your fireplace look beautiful and functional, it is important to get the size right. To do that:

Measure the breadth of your fireplace. Add approximately 10 to 12 inches to the value of its width. This will give you an ideal width.

For an ideal height, add approximately 3 to 5 inches to the measured height of the fireplace.

The additional inches for both height and width measurements allow the fireplace screen to bend or fold conveniently.


A custom fireplace screen is an essential accessory that keeps the fireplace safe and makes it attractive. There are numerous types of fireplace screens in the market. To buy the right fireplace screen consider the information given in the blog post and make sure that you buy a good quality product from a reliable manufacturer. If you’re confused about what type of fireplace screen will suit your home interiors, consider seeking help from a reliable interior decorator.

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