A Click-Bait Experiment, and the Navel-Gazing Problem that Threatens to Ruin Medium
Henry Wismayer

Lemme let you in on a little secret, Henry. There is quality writing happening on Medium. It’s just really damn difficult to find.

It won’t surface in your main feed. Tags won’t help you find it. You can’t even deliberately search for specific topics. Well, not by using Medium’s built-in Search tool, anyway… You have to run a site search in Google.

If you use Medium’s search tool, regardless of what search term you enter — for example, “hamsters” — your results will sadly reflect TTD (Total Triumvirate Domination). Enter the same exact search term into Google (“site:Medium.com hamsters”) and voila! Pages upon pages of relevant, original and storified writing.

PS: I ended up running the “hamsters” search, just for the helluvit, and was pleasantly surprised to find the results far more interesting than what’s currently showing up in my Medium home feed.

Try it out for yourself.