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In my youth, I worked as a bartender from coast to coast for many years. I’ve served all races, nationalities and income levels. It was a great lesson in human behavior. One thing I noticed was that people of average income are far more pleasant to wait on than the rich or the poor. Rich people are often rude and act entitled, while poor people are usually stressed. Rich people make demands and rarely use manners, while poor people haggle over every little penny and cheat on the tip. Rich people complain if you don’t jump when they snap their fingers, while poor people complain to get out of leaving a tip or to get their bill comped. Both groups demand to be treated special, as if that will give them importance for one moment.

Though I’m generalizing, I greatly preferred serving middle class people, because as a whole, they were more pleasant. Having lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, I worked with, socialized with and lived near people of all income levels. I observed that rich people seem to have fewer worries. They rush less, they smile more and they pay without complaining. Middle class people are usually rushed and stressed and poor people are often troubled emotionally.

I think the moral lesson here is that if we want to live in a more pleasant world, we should make sure that we have less income disparity, because rich people are pompous and demanding and poor people are stressed and unhappy. Both make life miserable for everyone else. I’m not trying to be crass, but to emphasize how much easier life would be for everyone, if we stopped telling the rich that they deserve their wealth and the poor that they haven’t tried hard enough.

We don’t need million dollar studies to see that poor people aren’t stupid, rude or mean, they’re stressed in ways they shouldn’t be. Spread the wealth of this nation and everyone benefits.

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