Meet A Mountie — Reannon Urias

Reannon Urias Freshman Driver for the Mt.SAC Water Polo Team

Sanding at just 5’3 inches tall, 18-year-old Reannon Urias is much smaller in comparison to her teammates, but inside that small frame is a powerhouse driver on Mt. SAC women’s water polo team.

Reannon, a biology major is a freshman at Mt. SAC. Recruited to the water polo team straight out of Bonita High School where she graduated from just last year. Water polo isn’t the only sport she excels in, she has also played soccer, basketball, and softball. It was her freshman year of high school playing softball when her mother persuaded her into trying out a new sport, she chose water polo.

“Size is my weakness, most of the girls range from 5’7 to 5’11”, but my strength is shooting, I am a strong shooter”

“You have to have strong arms, and upper body strength”.

Since there are no referees what happens under the surface of the water is a mystery.

“A lot of kicking, punching, scratching. It is a physical sport, and sometimes I come home all beat-up from being in the water, wondering how did this happen?”

“Yes, I am competitive at home too. Very competitive”. Coming from a family where everyone is in competition it’s hard not to be. Come game time Reannon pumps herself up by “listening to music and dancing around”.

“Bring it” is a motto Reannon not only lives by, but holds dear to her heart, in memory of her late Uncle and Godfather Hector Urias, a Champion Drag Racer who won a Wally at the 2006 NHRA Import Finals.

Grateful for a supportive family, her father and her uncles were always involved in sports and have helped her to develop her athletic ability. Her mother for always encouraging her to work hard and push herself to be the best.