How To Plan Your Art Promotion For Instagram

Instagram is basically an app for sharing photos of pretty much anything.

Among my instagram feed following you’ll find pictures of delicious brownie pie with cream cheese piled high from the Saveur publication. Of course, instafood remains one of the most popular hashtags on the image-sharing app.

Next up you’ll see images from Arts__Gallery that receives art from around the world and gives artists a platform to draw attention to their artwork. Though not all the work is in my taste, I do appreciate them giving a platform for artists. And I continue to hope one day my own work will be featured. Love_mandalas is another favorite of mine with their inspiring images of patterns and mandala designs and keeps me improving my own drawing.

Perhaps Instagram is best known for the professional travel photography posted on a daily basis. I admit to having an addiction to the NatGeo photos and individual photographers from Norway to Turkey to the nomadic ones posting the Alaska wildnerness and Greece island towns.

And don’t forget the cats. Cats with dark blue eyes and cats hiding in bags. Just like my cats do.

Enough about my feed. I signed with instagram to post my art and some other images three months ago. Whats my plan for promoting my art?

First, I try to stick to a main theme such as animals and nature depictions. People are more likely to vote and follow an account that regularly posts a predictable theme.

Second, it’s really a matter of chance and opportunity if your picture gets liked. With art, there is no one right way to do anything. Some people may like it. Maybe no one will. Or maybe you’ll get 8 million likes (doubt it).
Is there a way to get more likes and followers on instagram?

I’m in the beginning stages of starting a business so by no means an “expert”. According to Jess Ekstrom at Entrepreneur, the following are ways to get followers:
1. Put your username on all your products (artwork)
2. Send your products to influencers (influencers are other people in your niche)
3. Comment (Don’t write irrelevant crap)
4. Have other people tag their friends and you can go on to tag their friends
5. Provide an incentive for other people to follow you

I would agree the above sound like reasonable ways to get followers. And if your running a real business it’s also great to remember to stay relevant. Don’t post pictures of your cat on a business account. Unless the cat is product-related. If your selling hand-weaved purses and you have a cat sitting inside one of the purses that could all be relevant still. It would make a great idea to post such an image under #caturday hashtag to get even more exposure for your business,

Post hashtags, of course. Are you selling illustrated self-portraits? Then use related hashtags like #selfportraits #illustration #people #figure.
All the above should get you more likes and follows on instagram.