I have some college courses under my belt but not nearly enough to graduate anytime soon. Now with two toddlers on my hip, at my feet or let’s be real, in the bathroom with me, it makes it feel close to impossible. The Udacity DMND came at the perfect time. While in a way of starting my life over, I needed something to assist me in finding a job that could support myself and two babies. A somewhat self paced nanodegree is so much more realistic for my current situation and just teaches me what I’ll need to know to snag a job in the digital marketing world. Because again, I have no time for anything extra. Being able to get an education while the kids are asleep without having to find a costly babysitter and go to class is awesome.

I am finally enjoying learning for the first time in years of higher education, which makes it easier to complete all of the coursework. I didn’t go to class when I didn’t have two human lives I was responsible for, so what makes me think I’d be able to after 14 hours of diaper changes, making meals I inevitably will have to throw in the trash and peeling tantrum having toddlers off the floor.

My interest is in social media so when I saw there was a portion of the nanodegree that focused there, I was sold. After three months, I’ll be able to market myself with this DMND and open new doors to my new and exciting career. Ideally I’d love to manage social media accounts and market for cosmetics brands because that is where my passion lies, within the beauty community. I feel like my creativity and makeup artistry background will give me an advantage within this realm. I hope to reach other stay at home moms looking for an affordable and easily accessible education with this post. You can do it too mommas!