A week or two of being trans at work
Lewis Wallace

I had a thought about your co-worker. I am sure it stung when she said she was relieved. I can understand why. Many times though, family members are relieved because they know how hard the lives of transgender people can be. The dangers we face. The discrimination their child might endure. The possibility of depression and suicide. That said, I imagine that you might have a 6th sense for that kind of empathy when talking to your co-worker. I gather it was not that. More often, it is relief from not having to deal with it. Relief that THEIR lives won’t be impacted. They are relieved they won’t have to worry about what the neighbors think or Aunt Sally and her gossip. That’s sad, because that parent has been denied an opportunity to transition too. To transition from being a scared, conformist to a strong independent caretaker of their child. They missed out on the opportunity to practice “not giving a f$&k” about what people think. They missed an opportunity to find a deeper love and bond with their child. Feel pity for that person. Their relief has a price.

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