6 Ways To Get Out Of Your Feelings And Get Paid

So, you have a great business, you have incredible products and services to offer, and your monthly income covers that very comfortable lifestyle that you’ve always wanted, but you still feel that it’s not enough. You spend hours during your week thinking “I’m going to get found out. I don’t know enough in my field to be considered an expert. I’m under qualified and eventually all of my peers are going to catch on.”

You may be struggling with what’s being labeled as Imposter Syndrome. This can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters‘ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

Sound familiar? Here are 6 easy ways to overcome it and to start feeling worthy of your success:


Ask yourself why you’re feeling uncertain about what you’re doing. Be as honest as possible. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation. This is just to gain some clarity and to break the cycle of negative thoughts in your head.


Write down all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished, no matter how big or small you think they may be. When you’re having a rough day, pull out your list and use it as a “confidence kickstart” and gain momentum from remembering all of the badass things you’ve done. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re still the same bad b*tch.


Action breeds confidence. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are thinking that we procrastinate, which leads to stress. You don’t need that. Tackle your responsibilities head-on and collect all of the wins you can throughout the day. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s just folding the laundry. At least it’s finally done, right?


You’ve probably heard the saying “when you’re having a rough time, help someone who’s having a worse one”. Find someone who is dealing with a problem that you know you can help solve and offer to walk them through it. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture either. If you belong to a Facebook group, just scroll through the posts. There’s bound to be someone who has a question that you have the answer to.


It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t be Wonder Woman all the time. While it’s great to help people, you need to know that it’s okay to ask for help as well. Surround yourself with people who recognize your dopeness and will remind you of it when you forget. Your tribe will give you support and confidence, even when you don’t feel that you deserve it.


Maybe you felt pressure when you were younger to always bring home straight A’s. Maybe your parents or teachers always used you as an example of the “perfect” daughter or student. It’s important to understand that as you progress within your field and with your business, that you’ll doubt yourself again and again. It sucks, but remember that it’s completely normal to feel that way. Just don’t curl up with that feeling and allow yourself to be stuck.

This article was originally seen on Bossy Rich Girl and was written by Kelli Lloyd.

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