Real Talk about Fake Politeness

All right all you vacuous, disingenuous fakers, listen up.

Or keep reading, whatever.

Maybe other service people feel differently, but I’d rather you ignore me than grant you the ego-boost you people seem to get by extension of the one you must believe you’re giving me just by acknowledging my existence. And what is everyone’s obsession with saying “Good morning” anyway? It’s only good cos you’re on vacation. You didn’t have to get up at 5am to come in and clean up puke from the night before.

But, as I am wont to do, I digress.

My real issue here — the point of this little rant you might say — is this (as I understand it) feigned interest in another person’s well-being as a greeting. If you’re saying (not asking) “how are you?” and you don’t want an actual, honest answer to that question or think an honest/negative answer is rude/a breach of the unspoken contract between two presumably polite parties, *you* are the asshole.

In short, if the only acceptable answer to “how are you?” is “good, and you?” you’re doing it wrong. And in totally the wrong spirit.

In the future, maybe just say hi.


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