It’s the new year. More like a month into the new year. Of course, I’m already certain of what many are doing now. Planning those special resolution-busting plans. Or practically breaking said resolutions as we speak. To the chosen few or some of you tech folks, there are new things to do and learn in 2017. Techmasters is no different. Not the countdown you were expecting from us, I bet, but we’ve got a few suggestions on the high tech tip.

.NET is still something to muck with

2 — core. I have been working some time with .net…

Which Side Are You On?

The classic debate between the ranks and roles of all digital professions, these days, is as old as the dot-com crash itself. The permanent role vs. contracting/freelancing foray. In the careers of many who enter the game of digital, either or both roles have been experienced. Are the freedoms of one but a mere hindrance to the other? Is the clock of completion and bounty hunter antics the call of many in our space?

As the restless warriors that surround that game, We #TechMasters vary on this subject based on our personal exploits. …

So, My Pebble Time Round Is Going Back To Singapore

Smartwatches are a dime a dozen nowadays, either getting the execution of its’ core either good or just plain horrid. There is a notable difference between them.

Some support existing platforms and carry a wide array of tools between their metal exteriors(Moto 360). Pocket knives of the wrists to outdo even Dick Tracey on calls, yet succumb to exclusivity to a select number of devices, such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear family. Others needing more of a leg up to even perform some of the slightest tasks, utilizing…

I quit networking.

Congrats to those who understood that. Basic english and the piss poor education system that we grew up with, at the same time as we destroyed Quaker Oh’s and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch through Saturday Morning Cartoons, has yet to fail society. Yet, I say I’m done with networking. Finished with it. Not even going to bother take it on.

Over the past 6 years, I have done networking for a purpose. A reason, solely built on professional survival, was the main focus of the makeshift business cards and fake smiles of interest. In the pursuit of…

Kevin Kelly

I translate things, that the creative guy does so that it doesn’t trip up the backend guys. Mobile Hybrid looking to become moar Full Stack. #DevTO Co-Founder

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