Reflections on Writing Digitally

My writing has improved tremendously after taking this hybrid course. I have learned to re-read my papers multiple times to perfect my papers. In my previous writing classes I would not check my papers throughly for grammatical mistakes, which led me to earn a low grade on my essays. It always frustrated me because they were such careless mistakes. When taking this course I have trained myself to check repeatedly for grammatical mistakes. I also had a problem this semester with going off topic. I sometimes get too passionate about my writing and don’t notice when I drift off into a completely different topic. I have learned to organize my thoughts before hand to avoid this problem. The brainstorming and pre-writing that was assigned this semester helped me a lot with my problem of going off topic so often. I found the prewriting and outlining tremendously helpful. For example, when I was writing my first paper titled, “Feminism for Millennials” I made the mistake of going off topic. I was writing about the feminists in my life, and I accidentally made the mistake of writing about my grandmother’s background rather than how she was a feminist. My teacher pointed this out to me on my rough draft, and luckily I had the time to revise my essay and turn in a polished one. The writing I was asked to do in this hybrid course was much different than what I was expected of doing in my other English classes.

I loved the freedom I was given in this class. I was able to write about a topic I was passionate about, not another essay on “how technology is consuming millenials”, probably a topic I have written countless essays on. I loved how I got to research feminism and learn more about my gender and the empowerment of my gender. I got to learn more about feminists around the world when writing my blog post, “Analyzing Stakeholders”, such as Alison Bechdel who popularized the “Bechdel Test” from her comic Dyke’s To Watch Out For. The Bechdel Test is a test that asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Learning about feminist women and what they have accomplished was truly inspiring. I also got to learn some devastating factors of feminism as well when researching my topic. I learned that one in five women are sexually assaulted in college and that more than four million women experience physical assault and rape by their partners. I believe that not only my writing in this class has improved but as a woman too. I have learned so much about the struggles of feminism and the empowerment it brings as well. Writing about feminism has helped me overcome insecurities and love myself. I am truly thankful for this course because I have learned that I can be an activist no matter my size or stature.

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