To Millennials: Feminism is NEEDED in the U.S.

General Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. (

Radical Feminism: a movement that believes sexism is so deeply rooted in society that the only cure is to eliminate the concept of gender completely. (

Socialist Feminism: a movement that calls for an end to capitalism through a socialist reformation of our economy. (

Cultural Feminism: a movement that points out how modern society is hurt by encouraging masculine behavior, but society would benefit by encouraging feminine behavior instead. (

I have always been interested in this topic mainly due to my family. I grew up with a single mom my whole life. My mom struggled financially throughout my childhood, but I have never witnessed any weakness from her. She is a strong, independent woman who never needed a male figure in her life to support her family. My aunt is also another woman in my life who has inspired me to become a feminist. She has worked so hard in her life to become the successful person she is today. She started off as an assistant at a company, and over the years she has worked hard to build herself a career and is now the CEO of her own escrow company. Another influential woman in my life is my grandma. My grandma was also a single mother and a caretaker for my brother and me. Since my mom was working countless hours, my grandma was the one who would take care of us. My grandma is the most sincere and loving person I know even though she had an abusive husband in her early years. These women in my life always tell me to stand up for myself and to never let anyone suggest I am less than my worth. These women are the definition of feminists, and I strive to be like them everyday.

The lack of knowledge millennial have on feminism and the reasons why feminism is needed in the United States must be brought to everyone’s attention.

Ex 1 of a “Meninist” tweet: Rape jokes…
Ex. 2: Jokes about beating women?
Ex 3: Do you notice how many re-tweets????

Feminism is worth researching because it is a topic I hear and see on social media all the time. Specifically on twitter I see anonymous accounts making fun of feminism. There are people making fake twitter accounts calling themselves “meminists” who bash feminism and bash women who speak up for themselves. Earlier this week, I saw a tweet on my feed that stated, “Isis, there’s a feminist rally in LA today fyi.” Tweets like this are appalling to me because some men are actually implying violence and death for feminists. With this academic blog I would be able to address what feminism is really about, not the hatred of men, but equal rights for both sexes. I think that I would be able to bring awareness to people about why feminism is needed, and why it is still needed in the United States.

This topic also deserves further exploration because it is not taught to students. Student are generally not taught about women’s history in schools and the importance of women. Teaching children only about the men in our history is not fair and gives children a biased view of women already. The women of our history should be taught in schools because it is part of our history and children should know about the powerful women who have helped build this country. These women are role models who can open doors for other women and reinforce positive ideas of strong women.

An article from the New York Times that relates to feminism, titled, “A Feminism Where ‘Lean In’ Means Leaning On Others”, written by Gary Gutting and Nancy Fraser on October 15, 2010. In it, Nancy Fraser describes a new method of feminism.* She explains that “mainstream” feminism focuses too much on overpowering men and creating a hierarchy when we should instead work together. She believes that feminism is not going to advance if we are “fighting” men and that we should promote equal rights. This article is tremendously useful with my topic because it talks about how we as feminists can advance and move forward in the United States. Another article from on the New York Times that relates to the importance of feminism is, “Throwback Thursday | Feminists and Feminism, Yesterday and Today” written by Katherine Schulten on March 5, 2015. In this article, the author defines what feminism is. It also questions why one needs feminism. This article also quotes many high profile celebrities who are feminists and offers their views on feminism as well. People listen more when celebrities are involved and give a voice to a certain issue.

Different types of feminism have different meaning and the different reasons exist regarding why feminism is needed in the United States. Some people argue that the United States has evolved and overcame equality issues and achieved gender equality more than other third world countries, and yes, other countries do face inequality between the sexes. But the United States still does as well. I would be proving this in my research. Overall, this topic will have plenty of information available and is the right topic because I have always been around feminism and will be able to bring awareness to the importance of feminism very effectively.

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