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Professor David Robertson, Wharton School

When established companies explore opportunities to innovate, they typically consider strategies that fall into one of two well-known categories: incremental or disruptive. According to Wharton Professor David Robertson, they should be considering a third way: complementary innovation.

Complementary innovation refers to introducing a host of products and services that revolve around one core product, making that product more valuable and attractive to consumers. …

Written by Elizabeth Stark

This October, when many students were recovering from midterms and gearing up for Halloween, 60 members of Wharton Innovation & Design embarked on a three-week design sprint as part of the third annual Penn Design Challenge!

As a first year member of ID, I was excited to witness up close the creativity of the participants and to work with a great team of co-chairs: Kristy Nguyen Wharton MBA’16, Alex Mark MBA’17, and Eleanor Horowitz MBA’17.

The only multidisciplinary club with members across the schools of Penn (of our 190 members, 30% are from outside Wharton!), Wharton ID is uniquely well-positioned to bring (two!) design challenges to the community each year. The Challenge fulfills two of the club’s core tenets: serving as a central hub for all things innovation, entrepreneurship, and design; and giving students the opportunity to build new problem-solving skillsets. …

Written by Justine Lai

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Participants in the 2015 Penn Design Challenge

Over the past few years, Wharton has become a hub for entrepreneurship; beyond increasing its related class offerings, aspiring entrepreneurs at Wharton have access to support and funding through resources like Wharton Entrepreneurship, Weiss Tech House, and the Penn Center for Innovation, along with student-run communities like the Founders Club and E-Club.

But even as more and more Wharton students enter with entrepreneurial ambitions, the truth is that most are unlikely to start a company immediately or even five years after school. …

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