Jason Segel: A Handful of Rules to Live By

Jason Segel, screenwriter, actor and now author, doesn’t have a cynical, stand-offish, self-centered bone in his body. With great good will, he shares his convictions about what each of us might be able to pull off if we can finally set aside notions of “gifted.” This is a conversation to watch when you need a jolt of energy and reminder that all things might well be possible after all. It’s also one to share with the creative types, especially the young ones, in your life.

Van Morrison, Brad Pitt and being eaten for food. You’ll love Jason’s Afterword Q & A. Or watch it here.

The New York Times breaks down the highs and lows of Jason’s work on his YA novel: Nightmares!

Three pieces that relate to Jason’s interview: a guide to being kind, (and what you’re really thinking while you’re smiling politely), how to overcome your fears, and B.J. Novak’s brilliant strategy for entertaining kids with the written word alone.

Jason Segel explained that he tries to do three things every day. Personally, my daily promise is: read, write, walk. I need that as a base to every day, to keep me sane and give me some sense of being in control. I asked my husband and he said he tries to have at least one “non-parental” conversation with each of our kids. No nagging, no quizzing, no coaching. (Not bad.) Ev Williams, Medium’s CEO, is committed to three Daily Do’s too: stretch, meditate, brush his teeth.

So we ask you to respond to the obvious: What do you want to do every day? And to the non-obvious: If you could tell the President of the United States to do three things every day, what would you advise?