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Anne Lamott On The Really Hard Parts of Being Human

Anne Lamott, author of more than a dozen best-sellers, dives in on personal change with brazen honesty, juicy story-telling and a whole lot of laughter. Her willingness to say damn-near-anything helped us sink in on some of our tenderest topics. The evening was a hilarious catharsis for embracing our lesser-selves. Anne Lamott says books are medicine. Well, we think she is, too.

At the end of every Foreword interview, Kelly asks each guest the same seven questions. Here’s what Anne Lamott had to say.

It was standing room only when Anne Lamott visited Medium for her appearance on Foreword. We hung on every word and hoped she’d never leave. By the end of the evening our faces hurt from smiling and everyone left a little more themselves. Beautiful photos here, courtesy of the brilliant Drew Altizer.

It’s hard to put Anne Lamott into words but Ruth Reichl might have come close when she claimed “a minute with Anne Lamott is like a week with everyone else” in this timeless piece from the New York Times. Perhaps that’s because Anne is willing to go deep on topics with which most won’t scratch the surface. In this recent essay she stands beside Brian Williams, while many mount high horses around him, saying — “I lie, too.” Speaking of honesty, we loved this article by Dina Kaplan on what happened when she vowed to quit lying. And last but not least, it felt particularly appropriate to launch Anne’s episode on Ash Wednesday. While Anne proclaims herself to be a “total Yahoo” when it comes to her faith, she still manages to help the rest of us see what’s sacred in all things.

In this Huffington Post review of Anne’s book Small Victories, Jesse Kornbluth writes, “In these pages, she makes me think and smile and cry…. I am grateful for the conversation I have with her.” We are grateful, too. Grab your copy here.

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