My favorite trip to Italy

  1. No time change or jet lag! An unplanned benefit of my relocation and now being based in Europe.
  2. Perfect amount of time spent in each place.
  3. Combination of repeated and new experiences.
The view from the hotel terrace, where coffee and cocktails were consumed daily.
Old World charm — no modern aesthetics here, and I loved waking up to this beautiful high ceiling!
Not a bad way to start the day!
Our hosts Ashley and Jason have really perfected this experience. Every pizza had a different topping — most included ingredients picked from the garden that day.
The Garden: that is Jason picking some of the daily bounty on the right, but I could not fully capture the abundance of the tomatoes growing on the left.
Our half of the group got to learn how to make pasta from scratch, and then turn it into ravioli stuffed with acorn squash and tagliatelle with a yummy Bolognese sauce.
Our tastings started early — before noon — and we were well fed along the way!
But that doesn’t mean we weren’t fed again upon our return. A light meal of bruschetta and lentil salad. The tomatoes from the garden were some of the best I have ever eaten.
Bologna is known for its porticos. Not only are they gorgeous and each one is unique, but they were built to protect people from the rain in the winter and provide shade in the summer. Much appreciated as we experienced a few more scorching days! (Brian and Val make an appearance in the left corner of the photo on the right).




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Kelly Ainsworth Blunt

Kelly Ainsworth Blunt

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