UX Weekly: June 16

In which I’ve taken it upon myself to craft a weekly UX newsletter for the span of my UX internship with Critical Mass. This newsletter goes out to our creative team each Friday.

Happy Friday! Your weekly UX inspiration awaits.

UX in the Wild

Forms. They’re inescapable. And when they’re not well-designed, they can take an experience from just fine to completely terrible. Here’s an example that I ran into this week:

Want some more on best UX / UI practice for forms? Andrew Coyle has some great examples.

To sum up… “Life is short. No one wants to fill out a form.”

New in UX

Web and mobile advertising is a necessary evil. But maybe some types of online advertising techniques are more evil than others. Last week, Nielsen Norman Group put out a study on the most hated online advertising techniques. The takeaway? Designers and marketers are still having to toe the line between providing a good user experience and increasing ad revenue. There’s no correct answer, but at least this might point us in the right direction.

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The Fun Part

And then there’s the people who just like to watch the world burn. Like these Redditors who decided to take a stab at making the worst volume control sliders possible. Here’s a collection of the best. My favorite? The one where the volume selector turns into a curling stone.

That’s all for this week! As always, feel free to share your own finds from the week. And have a wonderful (and hopefully sunny) weekend.