The Problem with HUD Homebuyer Online Courses!

Kelly Parks
5 min readJan 28, 2023

I believe it is time for an empowering, thoughtful, and thorough first-time homebuyers’ online course.

The American Dream of homeownership can become a reality!

Homeowners build stronger communities. Knowledge is Power!

First-time homebuyers are trying to make good choices and save money for their down payment. I think the current set rate of $100 for a HUD-compliant online homebuyer course is too much money. My course is $25, so you don’t have to work most of a day to afford it.

You know what a HUD certified home counseling agency told me? “We like your course but it is too cheap.” I almost fell over! HUD’s mandate is that homeowner education be free or low cost. Just think about that for a minute.

What if you just want a terrific online course to learn about the entire home-buying process? You shouldn’t have to pay a huge amount. We should be empowering first-time homebuyers.

Sure there are some free government online homebuyer courses! I have taken most of them. I still didn’t get all the necessary information, and many forced me to listen to the full audio before moving forward to the next part. I hate that.

My course is different because it has interactive links that take you directly to websites so you can learn even more information about a topic. This is a micro-course format so that each topic is short and to the point. There is no pre or post-testing (which is not required by HUD), just short quizzes about the most important point of each chapter.

I created “My Home Buyer Course” based on my 20 years of hands-on experience helping first-time homebuyers and answering their great questions.

I was a first-time homebuyer, too, once, and I made lots of mistakes. I want to help you avoid them.

The Forgetting Curve demonstrates that the longer time passes, the more we forget.

If you knew everything about buying a home, you might not need to learn about home buying.

My theory is that we are not trying to get a university degree in homebuying; rather, we need the tools to help us make better decisions and understand the process and what to expect.

What if you decided after learning all about homebuying that now is not the right time to buy a home? Do you want to invest $100 to take an old-style high school-type course that you cannot use as a resource in the future when you want to buy a home?

I also learned from taking hundreds of continuing education classes and other courses that if I am going to buy a course, I want it to be visually interesting, to the point, and easily accessible. If I have a few extra minutes, like a break from work, I want to be able to use that time to go through the course. I don’t want to be stuck in front of my computer with boring information on the screen, making me regret spending money or googling to find a better course. I don’t want to be stuck in a room for 8 hours with a bunch of information thrown at me. I don’t remember anything that way.

I also want to know where I can get more information to take a deeper dive into a certain topic that interests me. There are some things I want to know more about, and I want the resources handy, so I can click a link and learn.

I also want to have the course information to use as a resource because I forget things.

See, other courses are designed in an out-of-date format that is like taking a high school exam. No HUD rule says homebuyer courses have to be like that.

That’s the reason why I reinvented the homebuyer course! Of course, I am the only course HUD-compliant creator who has gone through the process with first-time homebuyers from start to finish.

I listen to each homebuyer’s questions. I am not a suit who sits on a board or executive committee dictating my thoughts about what I think homebuyers need or the price they can afford to pay.

The information in my course comes from applying what first-time homebuyers want and need to know.

I take it one step further, though, because first-time homebuyers tell me they wish they had a resource they could refer back to when they get to a certain step in the process. I get it because I forget things I learn all the time. That brings me back to the Forgetting Curve I mentioned earlier.

I believe every homebuyer has a unique talent and skillset because they are good at their jobs. I appreciate and applaud that.

The current traditional and boring homeowner education courses insult my intelligence because they make me feel stupid. I might not be an expert at anything, but I know I do my job well, and I have good ideas that help me at work.

Why not encourage homebuyers to build on their knowledge and create a dynamic, visually pleasing, resourceful class or course?

I believe empowerment is much better than forcing someone to learn something in a manner that is not thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging.

When I am learning about something, I want to be encouraged to learn more and succeed! That is what my course is all about. I want to make a difference and prove that the homebuying experience can be positive. Buying a home is a huge expense, and you don’t want to be in the dark about any part of the process. How can you make a good decision or choice if you have no idea what is going on? Don’t you want to know if you are getting into a predatory loan situation or being steered to a house or area because of discrimination or a higher commission for the real estate agent? I would love to say the world is perfect, but honestly, I need to say you owe it to yourself to know what is going on. This is your money and your life.

My course is mobile-friendly so that you can learn anywhere, anytime! You have access to the course forever to review any part during your homebuying journey.

No one can remember all this information in a few hours.

You will also learn if homebuying is right for you or if you want to build up your credit score (without a credit card) and savings before you buy or choose not to buy.

The bottom line is you have to do what is right for you!

Knowledge is power!

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Thank you for your time!



Kelly Parks

Real estate expert, advocate for affordable housing, real estate coach, historic & urban garden advocate. Knowledge is Power!