Maybe it’s Maybelline

Maybelline is a well known drugstore beauty company that offers a wide variety of makeup for a low price. This is one of their current ads for their new “fit me” foundation. It is supposed to have more shades than they have ever had before. It will fit the consumers. skin tone exactly the way they want it to. It uses the technique of need for autonomy and need for attention. This ad is effective in drawing consumers in to show they can be unique and turn people’s heads to see the consumers beauty.

Maybelline is showing the technique of need for autonomy and need for attention effectively in this ad. It clearly shows the need for autonomy with how many shades it offers. The blue print in the lower middle section of the screen says it will make a person unique from other people. This is effective because people strive to be themselves and stand out from others. It says “make fit happen” allowing people to believe that they will feel comfortable in their own skin. The ad also portrays need for attention by the woman in the picture. She has a beautiful airbrushed face with natural looking overall makeup on her face. This is effective because the consumer will believe that if they use this foundation, they will have the same look. They might feel as though others will take another look when walking past the person. The airbrush finish also makes the consumer believe it will hide any imperfections they might have. They can be confident in their own skin making this ad very effective.

The people this ad is targeting is young to middle aged women about the age of 12–40 in the middle class. The advertisers chose these people as the target because typically young women, especially teenagers, can feel self conscious about how they look. They might have some acne or discoloration they want to hide up. This foundation will allow them to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Adult women are also targeted in this ad because they might have scars, discoloration, or fine lines. They need a foundation that will hide all of this without looking fake. This product promises. to fit their skin type. Overall these women will feel like they can be flawless and airbrushed giving the confidence and beauty they are looking for.

This ad definitely was effective. I was a part of the target audience. I actually have seen an ad like this and now I have this foundation as a part of my makeup collection. This ad will make people take a look at the foundation next time they are out because they know they will be saving money and still getting that perfect look they desire.

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