NURX: Redesigning the Uber for Birth Control


Nurx is a startup that aims to make the process of ordering birth control simple and efficient. However, ordering can only be done online through their webapp. A mobile version would benefit more people who are on-the-go, and would further improve the efficiency of obtaining birth control. Thus, for our Interface Redesign project for CSCI1300, a class on user interfaces and user experiences taught at Brown University, my team-members and I decided to design a mobile version of Nurx’s webapp, with additional functionality related to birth control needs, given that a mobile version is more personal and accessible.


Nurx’s current interface consists of an onboarding page, which contains a button to “Get Started.” This leads to a page where the user can either scroll through a page of different brands of birth control, which would be used by those who already have a preferred brand, as well as the option to have help choosing a brand, which would be better suited for those who are seeking to find a new brand of birth control; this can be done either through taking a quiz or seeking a doctor’s help.


In redesigning Nurx’s webapp for mobile devices, we aimed to retain the same functionality, whilst also including various features to better suit a mobile experience.

The main purpose of Nurx is to order birth control. Nurx has two main options: choosing a known brand, or using the app to find a new brand. We condensed these actions into three different options on our page for selecting a new birth control brand: a search bar for those who know which brand they want to order, a button for those who want to take a quiz to figure out which brand is best for them, and a button to request a doctor’s assistance in choosing a birth control brand.

Since navigating a mobile application differs significantly from the way a user would navigate a web application, one of our primary concerns was ease of navigation. To address this, we created a memorable main menu design, that is easily recognizable when resized. We included a button to access the menu at the bottom of every page, for easy return to the homepage and simple, intuitive navigation.

The main menu gives the user easy access to all the different tasks available: ordering a new brand, requesting a refill, accessing a pill reminder calendar, and managing their account.

In addition, we included back buttons on various pages, especially on pages involved in the process of selecting a birth control brand. Thus, any errors that users make in the selection and ordering process can be easily undone or resolved.

Because mobile apps are more personal and more catered to a single user’s needs, we also included a birth control pill reminder alarm, which can be easily accessed through the main menu. This feature includes a calendar with indications for each day birth control was taken, as well as an alarm the user can use to remind them daily to take their birth control.

To use our interactive mockup, click here.

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