To celebrate the MobileCoin English group created on Mixin Messenger, we prepare a MOB giveaway, and the total rewards are about $3800.

What is MobileCoin?

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to be used as digital cash on your phone. It’s easy to use with near-instantaneous transactions.

Mixin Network is the first wallet that connects MobileCoin Network, and the Mixin developer team also contributes a lot of Golang codes for MobileCoin nodes.

How is the MobileCoin English group working on Mixin Messenger?

Mixin Messenger launches super community for different projects, and the super community integrates several functions such as sending LuckyCoin, trading cryptos with varying pairs, and others.

MobileCoin English group focuses MobileCoin related…

Mixin Network is honored to announce that it has joined into Arweave’s ecosystem as a scalable layer 2 solution. Many Dapps are already running on Mixin’s elastic sidechains.

By joining Arweave’s ecosystem, Mixin will bring its vast number of community members as well as its cross-chain assets into Arweave ecosystem. Mixin Network will work together with Arweave to further prosper Arweave’s ecosystem. In addition, through multiple decentralized applications on Mixin Network, AR holders will also have the chance to use AR in more practical application scenarios.

Users are always welcome to join the dynamic communities of Arweave and Mixin Network…

Oct 1 ~ 31, 2020

Mixin Mainnet

  • The main network has been in operation for 611 days at the height of 38,172,152.
  • Total market capitalization $256,513,436 of the Top 100 assets in the network.
  • A total of 1,412 kinds of assets are stored on the network.

Top assets statistics

09–01–2020 ~ 09–30–2020

Mixin Mainnet

  • The Mixin Mainnet has already been running well 579 days, and the Mainnet height is 35,581,147.
  • The top 100 assets are valued $ 221,926,343.
  • The network stored 1,381 sorts of assets.

Current Assets Statistics

Mixin Network full nodes will be forced to exit once a year, while the pledge will be recalculated according to the circulation of the previous year. Nodes could apply to rejoin as soon as they increase or decrease the pledge.

·Start time: 2020 / 02 / 28 / 9: 00 p.m. UCT+8

·Number of pledge: 11000 XIN.

·Mining Pool remaining: 455000 XIN.

·Mining incentive: 45500 XIN.

·Alternate order: by time and name.

·Alternate time: 24h~48h/node ,full rotation:1 month +

·Number of nodes: 32 full nodes before node alternation

1. Current node information

For more information:

2. Node alternate process:

Step 0: The node raises an additional 1000…

There’re more than 1800 bots run on Mixin Messenger, we pick out some of them and classify then make a short introduction.

For group chat

Red Envelop
Bot ID: 7000100016 & 7000100089
Type: RedEnvelop
Both of them are RedPocket bots, the only difference is about value, the second bot supports the token which could be listed on exchanges. …

Mixin Network is a distributed cross-chain solution with built-in smart contracts that facilitates instantly and secure cryptocurrency and crypto-asset transfer. Mixin Messenger is the first Dapp based on Mixin Network, and it could help users to access their cryptocurrency and crypto assets, it has supported BTC, ETH, SC, Ripple and it will support more popular blockchains. There’re more than 1800 Bots run on Mixin and the developer community grows up to 150 people and more.

Part 1: Preperation

Mixin is compatible with iOS and Android systems, and it requires iOS 10.0+ or Android 6.0+, …

The hack.summit(blockchain) 2018 Hackathon will take place in July 6–8 2018. Here’s the details about challenges and prize.

Challenge 1:Who can hack Mixin Network to win the crypto currencies

Introduction of Technology:Mixin is a TEE powered BFT-DAG network that connects all existing blockchains with unlimited throughput. Please read the official API document for preproration.

Challenge description: Hack the specified account on Mixin (ID:36699627) and transfer the encryption assets.

Prize description: The hacker who can transfer any assets from this account, then he/her/they could gain all of the account’s cryptocurrencies, it contained 50 XIN, 10 ETH and 1 BTC, for plural successful hackers, they divide the assets equally. …

Mixin was coming out in late 2017, there were several words make people feel confused, such as Mixin, Mixin Network, Mixin Messenger, and XIN. People always misunderstand them, if you agree to it, please continue to read this article, you’ll find the answer.

Mixin is the name of the project and the name of the blockchain or we can say it the public blockchain, and Mixin Network is a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets. It distributed a cross-chain solution with built-in smart contracts that facilitates instantly and secure cryptocurrency and crypto-asset transfer. It allows developers…

Dear all,

We apologize for shutting down Shou on June 1 2018, at that time, all data (accounts’ informations, videos, gems and coins) will be deleted from our servers.

We appreciate your company and your support. Shou was coming out on mid 2015, we grew up together within 3 years. A short 3 years could be a big change on our life, graduated from school, entered to an university, met your love or broke up, etc…We hope that you can keep the good memories happened on Shou, forgot the unpleasant facts.

What did Shou do during the 3 years? We…

Kelly XU

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