For generations, musical creators have been supporting their ‘writing’ with marketable culture…
Graham Anderson

Hi, Graham. Thanks for reading and thanks more for responding. I see what you mean about wanting to see something new in fiction, but the written form is itself already attractive when the writing is great. Readers may not be clamoring for a different kind of story based on the current market strength overall. Indeed they love reading and amount of time spent with books seems to be thriving.

Instead I would argue that short stories need more promoting which we, of course, are doing. As a publisher, in that sense, we are making slight innovations. For example we buy stories and put them here on Medium for readers to read for free. Will it work? Will it inspire readers to follow us for their quick fix of fiction regularly? I don’t know yet. But at least we’re moving the conversation and business model forward.

I’m happy to innovate as a publisher before putting the onus on Story writers especially who are, in my opinion, already creative enough. They’re just under appreciated because they are under-promoted and therefor under-valued.