KonMari for Tsundoku

When book piles grow like bamboo

I know. I’m a broken record. It’s all about Short Fiction for me. But I read this and I couldn’t help myself. I had to respond.

Tsundoku is the stockpiling of books never consumed.

A past reading of this would warrant a comment about rampant consumerism. Today’s reading has me more optimistic. I’m the number one abandoner of a good long book, guilty of consuming more than I can. There are stacks piled around the house, one atop another. Spines measured in inches, they grow like bamboo.

My wife — bless her, knowing it’s hopeless to stop me — has chosen to arrange our books by color in the shelves (which is a thing). When she did this for the first time, I admit, I handled it poorly.

“How will I find one when I need it?”

Arms crossed. Foot tapping. A look like, you gotta be effing kidding me, right?

Long ago, I made a decision to fill my reading hours with fiction. All the non-fiction, while noble in intention, was killing me intellectually. Or as Stephen King put it:

“The primary duty of literature is to tell us the truth about ourselves by telling us lies about people who never existed”- Stephen King

It’s true. I found I could get more with fiction. Then, more recently, I made a decision to fill my reading hours with Short Fiction. Call it KonMari. Call it anti-Tsundoku. Anyway, precisely for the anxiety created when a longer work goes unfinished…

In spite of our best intentions, there’s some pain in not finishing what you start. Solution? Stop starting longer things.

Have I stopped completely? No. I still can’t resist a good long read from someone whose shorter works I’ve stumbled upon. But I spend the majority of my time with the short stuff. And that’s OK. It’s more than OK. It’s necessary. If not for me, then certainly for my wife.

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