Learn to write better by writing on Medium

Today is the day we begin our Writer’s Workshop series on Medium. The writer’s workshop is an experiment exclusive to Medium where we bring great modern fiction writers here to “teach a course” in writing fiction.

How are we doing that? First, we have licensed stories from the canon of short fiction to publish here for our members.

Second, our writers are commenting prolifically on each classic story in our Workshop Series so you can “see what they see” and thus learn more about how great writers work.

Third, we also publish a story or two (or thirteen) by the writers themselves doing the commentary.

Fourth —most importantly — are your responses.

By responding to the original texts and the commentary on them, we can learn together not only how to read like a pro but begin to be inspired and encouraged by each other in the process. This is how writers are hone their craft, in schools and workshops and writing groups all over the world. Now, presented on Medium.

The first writer in this series is John Affleck. He is the Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society at Penn State. Before that he was a national editor in news and then sports at The Associated Press. He published his first collection of short fiction with Great Jones Street, which members can read here or you can buy on Amazon, Apple and Gum Road.

The first story in this series is Sredni Vashtar, by Saki (H.H. Monroe).

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In the following two weeks we will present classics by Christopher Isherwood and Ron Rash. After that, another writer takes on their own set of classics.

The Workshop Series is free and open to the public this week only. Next week, only members will have access. Please sign up to become a member here.