Things I know for certain- 30’s edition

Walking with Penny

Things I know for certain-
The I’m-definitely-in-my-30’s edition:

1. Save for retirement so you can buy a beach condo and take your whole family to Italy by the time you’re 60.

2. It’s easier to keep your chin up when you consciously keep positive and ambitious people in your life while trimming off the negative ones. No time to circle the drain when I have fancy wine to drink, celebrating my friends’ successes.

3. Go on a lot of first dates if you are single and ready to be dating. Key words- “first” dates, “ready” to be dating. One day that first date will feel like the only date you ever want to be on, but until then you’ll meet a lot of great people.

4. Say less, listen more. To your family, your clients, your partners, the people you meet in line at the store, podcasts, children and nature.

5. Practice patience. If you want instant gratification, play a scratch off. It’s the quickest way to remember rushing usually ends in a waste of resources.

6. Find people that enjoy eating like you- for me that’s seafood and asian food- and then invest in exploring those friendships on that fact alone.

7. Send love however you can to whoever you can with whatever words, time or consideration you can manage. This is the key to being a good person.

8. Try to make sure you are not the smartest person in the room as often as possible. Extra points for each person above you.

9. When things seem too hard or too heavy, act as if you are capable enough and it will become true a lot faster.

10. Go outside, everyday, for as much as possible. Phone down, dog in tow if that’s your bag (Penny is available to borrow), eyes and ears and heart open to the world.