Latino roots influence a dynamic enclave, from its open-air taquerias to its vibrant murals.

Words: Kelly Phillips Badal
Images: Justin Kaneps

The 16-acre Dolores Park invites soccer leagues, pickup basketball games, and weekday picnics.

This is the City by the Bay’s oldest neighborhood, but on a Thursday afternoon at dusk, the atmosphere is anything but tired. It’s electric.

Laptop-toting workers pour out of area start-ups like Everlane, Asana, and CrowdFlower, heading for happy hour at El Techo to down margaritas and nibble chicharrones on the rooftop while taking in views of downtown SF. Music — from indie rock to Mexican polka — floats through the air. The tantalizing scent of fresh tortillas and grilled meat drifts from dozens of Latino markets.

Rambling rows of thrift shops and…

Kelly Phillips Badal

Writer | Editor | Globetrotter: Specializing in stories about travel, home design, lifestyle, more. Portfolio:; Twitter/IG: @kellybadal

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