The guitarist: Edvald Alikaj

He has practiced for 8 years, every day a little more, while studying Business in the AUBG. Edvald has been hard to learn to play the guitar and everything that entails.It is part of a progressive death metal group called “Anbar” for 5 years.

“I started to learn guitar with a friend of mine and with this friend we started to make a couple of bands”

He do not consider himself a musician because to be a musician you have to have a great career behind you but it is the hobby that he is passionate about.

“I have 60 gb in my memory card and I have like 200 song that i like it. Music makes me feel complete.”

The reality is that the genre that Edvald listens to and touches is not very common. They are not a conventional rock band. He knows it but still, he considers what makes people different. The music you listen to defines who you are and your position in the world.

In the case of Edvald, he does not pursue the typical dream of reaching the top, of being the best guitarist. He goes further, is a passion that makes him be the same and have reasons to be happy. It is not a job, it is a motivation.

“I will always be fine while I can listen to music.” Edvald said that it does not matter what you listen to or the genre that you listen to as long as it’s a passion and a way of life.

If he had to choose a song that would describe him one hundred percent would be “Wearing The Inside Out” by Pink Floyd. “It’s hard to find a song that completely defines you, the one you think about, if it’s me.”

He considers that what he likes the most about having this hobby is the opportunity to be able to express yourself through sounds, to sing until you have no voice and to feel that music no matter what happens will always be next to him.

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