Results: 6 Days of Vegan

Well, I fell pretty shy of my 30-day goal. But I don’t blame my failure on a vegan diet. I blame it on myself in the sense I was sooooo ill prepared. I really thought, “How hard can this be?” and then proceeded to make it three times as hard by not researching, preparing cooking, etc. I also blame it on the alcohol. I think I drink a lot for a plant-based diet to absorb and that has nothing to do with the vegan diet itself.

So what have a learned? Well, even though I didn’t make it as one, I have a whole new respect for vegans. You have to really understand how the body works and be willing to put in some time and effort to lead that lifestyle. And I also learned, that if I ever want to try it again, I need to be smarter about it. But for now, I’m back to burgers and I’m OK with that.

A big thanks to all who gave me such great advice! I tried folks. I didn’t do it right, but I did try.

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