40 Words (and Phrases) to Stop Using In Your Emails

Our experience of the immediate environment is directly shaped by the words we used to describe it. Create better emails — and a better workplace — by eradicating these words and phrases from your vocabulary.

1. Copy Machine

2. Accounts Payable

3. Chute you an email

4. Rollover

5. Catscade

6. Monday

7. Spongiform

8. Scatdaddy

9. Just so we’re all in agreement, Jennifer’s new tricorner hat is unflattering

10. Shoot you an email

11. Easy

12. Specific

13. Elevator Peach

14. Change management

15. Development

16. Transmissalbe spongiform encephalopathy

17. I’m

18. I shall call her “Excalibur”

19. System

20. Silo

21. Mother, father, sister, brother / each of these might slay the other

22. in this happy home we stood / bodies running down with blood

23. Scoot you an email

24. Disease (as in “prion disease”)

25. Paradigm

26. the elephant in the room

27. the essence in the air

28. Back to the drawing board

29. It’s not “Teenage Wasteland,” It’s Baba O’Riley.

30. Crystals

31. Silo again

32. Get over yourself, Richard

33. computer

34. Wentworth Institute of Technology

35. go on the computer

36. Reply All

37. Early neuropathological reports on human prion diseases suffered from a confusion of nomenclature, in which the significance of the diagnostic feature of spongiform change was occasionally overlooked.

38. Lunch meeting

39. Spoot you an email

40. Now nothing can stand in my way