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Come To Our Zany Improv Show

This is all we have.

Come join The Relief Pitchers for a night of improv comedy sure to remind you why you’re glad you never went out with us in high school, no matter how much we begged you!


What is improv?

Improv is many things. It’s a lifestyle! It’s an art! It’s an improvisational theater form, often comedic, in which everything is made up on the spot! (Which will be made abundantly clear in the first scene as we flail about for something to do on stage. This is called “establishing base reality” and we would appreciate it if you did not mention that you noticed.)

The form was made popular by companies such as Second City, iO (formerly Improv Olympic) and the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Among showbiz types, it’s considered a bit of a talent factory for comedic up-and-comers. In the business world, it’s a method for building teams and generating ideas. In the medical community, it is known as a cognitive-behavioral-psychologist-prescribed outlet for our unconscionable anxiety, which has worked moderately well, insofaras we mostly talk to each other now, so all of our problems are contained within a closed social circle.

This show’s gonna be great!

Get ready to LOOO (laugh out of obligation)! Bear witness our hackneyed attempts to be ZANY, which completely obscure the genuinely wonderful senses of humor we all exhibit in normal, day-to-day life. Watch our wit, our erudition, our natural storytelling skills evaporate under the hot spotlights amidst a cloud of flop sweat.

And marvel at the fact that despite a two-day, $150 workshop on stage presence, we still haven’t figured out what to do with our arms.

Featuring the comedic talents of:

  • the bald guy
  • the other bald guy
  • the going-bald guy
  • the Guy With The Hair
  • three almost-identical girls with brown hair, all of whom have been referring to themselves as “basically Liz Lemon” (yes, still, in 2017) since their Freshman years at Emerson, NYU and U or Michigan respectively.

Bound to include classic bits like:

  • An unnerving two seconds at the top of the show during which everyone stands on the back line, unwilling to step out for a scene, and the Guy With The Hair winces imperceptibly in shame UNTIL he remembers that he is the one on stage most likely to get laid tonight
  • The collective squelch of everyone’s assholes clenching as the going-bald guy makes his first racist joke of the night
  • An eardrum-shattering silence as Brunette #2 forgets to “and” after her “yes”
  • A lot of doctor-patient scenes

Three-drink minimum, no outside food allowed.

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