Has the Sun Finally Gone Too Far?

Are we done tolerating the sun?

It’s been a hot weekend in the United States. Temperatures topped 95 degrees up and down the Eastern Seaboard, with heat advisories in effect across the country.

Which is leading many Americans to ask — has the sun finally gone too far?

Until now, the sun has been blamed for anything from drought to first and second-degree burns on the skin, which have had little effect on its favorability ratings.

But a series of high-profile heat advisories this weekend is leading even some of the distant sphere of hot plasma’s supporters to question whether it’s time for the sun to “cool it” a little.

And some meteorologists question whether the sun’s most recent gaffe — a power outage in Harlem on Sunday that left over one thousand residents in the dark and without AC — could be the end.

For months, weather and climate experts have predicted the sun would temper itself, or back off, and its recent aggression has had a chilling effect on the summer season which has led to the cancellation of parades, farmers’ markets and daytime little league games.

Summer’s advocates are split. While many have publicly condemned the manner in which the sun has chosen to express itself, and have gone inside, others are embracing the sun, rubbing their bodies up and down with oil and standing in direct light for sometimes hours on end.

Can the sun win back those with more temperate temperaments? Or is this the sun’s great flaming out? In a summer without precedent, no one can truly predict where the sun will go from here.