Just remember two things: one, I used the photo in this post before you did, and secondly…
Casey Roberts

Hi Casey,

This image came from Pixabay and is under a CC0 license.

A reverse-image search demonstrates that you and I are not the only ones using it.

Spend long enough on Medium and you will see thousands of articles with the same hundred stock photos. This happens because many bloggers (myself included) do not have the funds to use a paid stock photo service or professional photographer and will instead use royalty-free stock photo sites or stock photo aggregators. (For instance, Pexels, linked above.) Which is, I am assuming, how you came across this photo as well, which makes it somewhat confusing that you would tag this comment as “stolen.” I hope you are not implying that I stole this image from your blog, which I have never encountered before. Perhaps there is something I am missing here.

If this image is indeed your intellectual property, and you are the photographer and are contesting its use under the CC0 License, then I recommend you contact Pixabay. And if you are indeed the photographer, and can provide some proof, I will happily take the photo down.

Hope that clarifies!


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