Yes, I know where you found the image, that not the issue ok…the problem is you used it too soon…
Casey Roberts

Hi Casey,

I appreciate that you are frustrated but disagree that it is a problem. You are implying some discourtesy on my part. There was nothing rude about my actions at all, as I had no knowledge of your post, or the image you used, at all. If I had seen it in my timeline, then, yeah, I probably would have avoided using it. But I did not see it, so I used it.

In the event that the fact that I did not see my post is confusing to you: Medium surfaces content for writers based on a variety of different factors — what is popular, what you like to read, what publications you follow, what authors you like, and what content you like. On Medium, I read almost exclusively on the subjects of “humor” and “satire” and “marketing” and “literature.” If you are not writing in those subjects, or are not featured by Medium curators, then I do not see your posts. So don’t hundreds of others of people. Perhaps you did not understand this before, but please understand that Medium publishes so much content that it is just not realistic to expect every writer on Medium to have read every blog you post. And it means, thank god, that everyone doesn’t need to read every piece of drivel I post!

It also means that if you don’t want to read my post where I discuss the effect that Catholic traditions of sacrifice have on my personal development even as I began to question the existence of god, you don’t have to read those either. No one is making you! And it’s funny! Because! If god is not real, if there is no divine puppetmaster guiding our actions, only you made you click on a post about Lent, Casey! You’ve got no one to blame that on but yourself! You could have clicked on anything else.

Anyway, back to the discussion at hand:

If you’d responded to my post informing me that you thought my use of the image would negatively impact your traffic and brand in some way, and asking me to please change the image, I probably would have done it. What can I say? I am a pushover and kindhearted. But you did not do that — you accused me of stealing, and were low-key rude about it, and insulted my article, so, fuck it, I’m not going to swap the image out. Wrath and Pride may be two of the seven deadly sins, but what can I say? I’m an agnostic, so I guess I’m going to hell anyway.

See you there!



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