I’b Sick

I’b dot tryidg to be rude but I dod’t wadt you to get sick too

I’b sorry I cad’t cobe out todight like I probised — I really wadted to, but I’b sick.

I wish I’d habe seed this cobidg. I would have taked (*pronounced like it rhymes with “naked”) Eberged-C, or Zoloft, although I ab dot convinced they actually do anythidg.

I wish I could bake this up to you. I’ll definitely bake it up to you as soon as I cad. Do, I dod’t deed you to bring be adythidg. I’b all set on soup. By stomach is actually dot the probleb adyway, it’s just by sinuses, add I’b ruddidg a bit of a fever, although dot codsistedtly. But basically I cad eat just about adythidg. I thidk I should be gettidg better but I hodestly dod’t know whed. This is bore severe thad by usual colds add I’b hopidg it’s dot the flu. I did go to the doctor add they said I tested degadib for the flu, but that the test odly has sobethidg like sebedty percedt accuracy. But I feel like, idterpreted adother way, that beads there’s a thirty percedt chance I do still habe the flu. Yikes!

Regardless, I wadt to thadk you for your codcerd. I will try to cober by bouth whed I cough but id the beadtibe, it bight be good to keep your distadce frob be.

See you all evedtually! Edjoy the sud! I’ll be id by roob if you deed be.

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