My Top 10 Formative Teenage Albums

The 10 albums that made a lasting impression on my teenage self.

Well guys, you’ve for sure by now seen the Facebook meme going around — it seems like this week everyone you know is coming out of the woodwork to ruminate on the albums that made them who they are between the ages 13 and 18.

So I thought it might be fun to list mine! Please feel free to comment with one of yours. Cheers!

  1. “Oh, Inverted World” by The Shins, A Logistical Impossibility, Being That Walmart Is The Only Place In Town I Was Getting CDs At The Time And They For Sure Did Not Sell This
  2. “The Best Album” by Extremely Impressive Band There’s No Way My Uncultured Ass Liked
  3. “An Essential Early Album” by Band That Later Became Popular, But I Couldn’t Possibly Have Known About Them At The Time
  4. “Obscure World Music Album” by Not Gonna Lie, For This One I Googled NPR All Songs Considered’s Top 10 Albums For The Year I Graduated High School And Grabbed The Most Worldly-Sounding Thing I Could Find
  5. “A Classic Rock Album” by An Incredible Band, I Mean An Album, A Real Album, And Certainly Not A Greatest Hits Cassette Tape I Found In My Mom’s Minivan
  6. “Something Riot Grrl” by In An Egregious Act Of Revisionist History, I Am Superimposing My 20Something “Woke” Values On My Teenage Years, When I Was Slut-shaming Everyone Cooler Than Me In My Password-Only Livejournal
  7. “A Wu Tang Clan Album” by Look How Interesting That Makes Me, Irony Is So Good
  8. “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake, Because He Is Talented, Tragic And Dead, Actually If I’m Being Honest It’s Because He Was On The Garden State Soundtrack
  9. “Certainly Not The Garden State Soundtrack” oh Please Whatever You Do Please Don’t Think I Liked And Identified With The Garden State Soundtrack
  10. “Teens Of Denial” by Carseat Headrest
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