please sign up for my tinyletter

do a gal a kindness

i started a tinyletter where i spam my friend bill and some other friends, but then decided to turn it into a real thing at the behest of Caitlin:

it is not wise to ignore her advice so i am promoting it!!

sign up here:

at this link:

this one:

you will see a page that looks like this:

put your email address here:

there’s further steps but you can figure them out, i think

okay time for questions:

  1. why should i sign up for this?

actually tinyletter told me i had to answer that question when i was setting up that page, so i shall answer your question with another screenshot:

2. why haven’t you posted that much lately? you usually post 2, 3 times a week, but it’s been once a week for the last few weeks! if that!

i am very popular and my social calendar has been full. writing you all of you is an unpaid labor of love. and i love you all so, so much. imagine me giving you a big kiss on your foreheads.