Presenting the 2016 Man Booker Prize Longlist

“A Tenderest Thought of Magnitude”

“A Century of Splendor”

“The Century of Splendor”

“Blood Temple”

“The Long Way To The Short Way”

“The Happen”

“The Politician’s Daughter”

“The Politician’s Wife”

“The Politician’s Mistress”

“A Peculiar Precocity of Occurance in West Yorkshire”

“My How Beautiful Were These Flowers, When In Bloom”

“The Grand and Magnificent Days of Sadness”


“Life of Sadness”

“Mr. Bonaparte’s Home for Sickly Orphans”


“A Year for Things We Had Once Thought That Once We Had Forgotten”

“Blue Sky Go Down” (sic) [this is a book about the American West]

“A Century for Splendor”

“The Century for Splendor”

“What Good Times We Have Had, What Times, Before This Second World War, and Hitler”


“The English Patient”