Spider Missing

the spider is missing

did you see where it went?

it was there in the corner

and now it has gone

i just turned my head

and the spider disappeared

I was watching it closely

since it entered the room

not sure where it came from

but I saw it on the floor

then it went up to that corner

and sat there for a while

do you know what it’s thinking

do you think it knew we saw it

do you think it saw us, too

and freaked out, and then ran,

back to where spiders come from,

which, I don’t know where that would be,

likely down in the basement

or else out in the shed

do you think if you see it

again near the corner

it will be the same spider

or some other spider

from some other place

Do you think they talk about us

in their home in the shed

in their own spider language

over their spider dinner

“The human is still there,

on the sofa,

in the bed.

It’s been there four hours

hardly moving at all.

How could some thing so soft

survive being so big?

With so few eyes,

and so few legs,

and so few children

to attend to it?”

hundreds and sisters

and hundreds of brothers

lost in the house

convening in the corner

what are the chances

I’ll see him again

that very same spider

that I saw just now?