The 10 Surprising Benefits of Being Ghosted

I’ve been ghosted twice in as many months. Shucks! It sucks! But I’ve recently discovered 10 surprising benefits. I am now stronger and better than ever before.

  1. I have time to watch BoJack Horseman, Season 3, on Netflix
  2. I have time to watch Stranger Things, Season 1, on Netflix
  3. I have time to read a detailed synopsis of The Leftovers, Season 1, and then watch The Leftovers, Season 2, on HBO GO
  4. I have time to watch The Kroll Show, Seasons 1–3 on HuluPLUS
  5. I have time to watch Key and Peele, Seasons 1–5, on HuluPLUS
  6. I have time to watch UnREAL, Season 1, and then stop watching, I hear it gets bad
  7. I have time to watch Community, Seasons 1–3 and then go straight on to Seasons 5–6
  8. I have time to watch Season 1 of The West Wing, on Netflix, and then stop watching, and then give up, and then watch Veep, Seasons 1–5, on HBO Go, because it’s a better show
  9. I have time to watch Orphan Black, I guess seasons 2 and 3? I stopped watching after Season 1. Is it still good?
  10. Thanks for reading this list all the way to the end. Are there Region 1 DVDs of the first several seasons of Bake-Off? If so, can someone send them to me? Thanks.