Why I Deleted My Facebook, Ditched My IPhone, Cancelled My Netflix, Quit My Job, Fired My Part-Time Virtual Assistant, Divorced My Spouse, Set Fire To My Home, Abandoned My Car, Tore Out My Veneers, Stripped Naked on the I95 On-Ramp and Disappeared Into The Wilderness

In defense of radical creativity.

  • well the thesis is that I wanted to be a wolf
  • [add intro metaphor]
  • Seemed like a good idea and I decided to let loose from the things holding me back
  • Wish i couldf write a full blog post but the wifi here is not great
  • (expound on the sound of the babbling stream herE)
  • only problem is, wolves do not write blog posts. it’s not a thing
  • Even just bullet points is crossing the line
  • I mustn't displease the alpha
  • Gotta go! Speak soon.